Talking Kits: College Student

Supporting Your College Student

Your role as a parent has changed now that your student has entered a new life stage with different responsibilities. Their realities are changing more rapidly than ever. This is a challenging, worthwhile, and sometimes comical time for you (and for them).

What They Need

• Independence in navigating and making choices
• Space to develop as the person they are
• Grace in their growth – they’re human too
• Information, support, and reassurance
• At times, your advice (they may not ask for it)

Ways to Support Them

Checking for Signs of Struggle

  1. Calling, texting or coming home significantly more or less than usual
  2. Reluctant or opposed to returning to school
  3. A major change in their mood or behavior
  4. The sense that something is “off”
  5. Drastic changes in the social circle or activities they enjoy
  6. Declining school performance – skipped classes, incomplete assignments, slipping grades
  7. Significant weight change (gain or loss)
  8. Without explanation asking for more money

Checking 1-2 = This stage of life is full of change and adjustment. Continue to provide support, and watch that none of these signs worsen.

Checking 3 or more = It may be time for you to have an open discussion with your student to determine if there is a specific reason or cause behind these warning signs. Then work together to create a plan that will address
the problem or concern. This may include seeking professional help.