To create a relaxed tone that will make future conversations easier, to encourage healthy behaviors, to establish yourself as trustworthy, and to help your child deal with stress, anger and other uncomfortable feelings.


When are medicines “safe”? When are they “unsafe”?

What does it mean to be a grown-up?

Who are the grown-ups you can trust?

What are some yummy things that you should put into your body? What are some yucky things that you shouldn’t put into your body?




Look for teachable moments throughout the day so that conversations feel more natural.

Keep medicine and alcohol out of reach and out of sight of children (i.e., high up, in locked/child-proof cabinets).

Model healthy behaviors! Work hard to ensure that your actions match your words.

Establish healthy routines at home, and use family activities as a way to build a stable, reliable foundation for future conversations.

Explain the reasons people take medicine and how/when it should be used. Explain that medicine should only be used when necessary and not taken for minor problems.