To discover what your child knows about drugs and correct any misinformation, to explain what a drug is and how drugs affect the body, and to discuss ways to resist peer pressure.


What is a drug?

What do you know about drugs and alcohol?

How can sharing medicine be dangerous?

What would you do if someone offered you medicine that isn’t yours?



Encourage them to reach out to you or another trusted adult if they ever have any questions or concerns about drugs or alcohol.

Help them establish a plan to stay safe if they’re pressured to use drugs or alcohol. Let them know that they can always use you as an excuse for not drinking or taking drugs.

Encourage healthy, creative activities. These can serve as outlets for dealing with uncomfortable feelings.

Be comfortable admitting when you do not know an answer to a question. Looking up an answer to a difficult question can be a shared activity.

Build relationships with your child’s friends’ parents. These relationships can help you make sure that other parents are maintaining similar expectations and rules with their children and that they’ll maintain your expectations with your child.

Develop a “code word/phrase” for your child to use if they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation.